Help Desk and Ticketing System

Ticketing system would be the main point of contact between customers and Classic Tech Technical Team. Any problems reported to Phone support will be logged into our ticketing system and its troubleshooting process will be undertaken and monitored with frequent follow ups till the reported problem gets solved permanently.

Phone Support personnel will first try to understand the problem and in case of minor issue, the user will be guided to do the required troubleshooting over the phone. If the user is unable to solve the problem and requires field visits, support personnel will immediately inform Support supervisor or any team member to attend the user’s premises.


On-site Support

On-site support is needed if the problem has not been solved through phone support. One of the team members will visit the user site and diagnose the problem and troubleshoot it. In such case, technical support personnel will report to the user within 1 hour of such intimation.


Monitoring (Link and Customer)

ClassicTech monitors the network and corporate customers round the clock. Our monitoring system detects and alerts us to all concerned staff’s mobile phone via SMS and via email to interruptions in the network connections immediately as they happen and helps us in immediate correction resulting in a substantially less amount of downtime. The stand by monitoring team keeps eyes on all the system from Client end device to the servers and switches. Entire system monitors with different technology used.



A basic training about connectivity and troubleshooting will be provided to customers on the equipment installed on Fiber optics and Wireless Broadband Internet connection.