This plan is for SOHO with more workstations as you walk on your path to achieve greater things. It is suitable for content creators, web designers and data analysts whose sole work platform is INTERNET, a fast one.


Unlimited Plan

30 Mbps 1 Month 3 Months 6+1 Months 10+2 Months
Package Price Rs 3100 Rs 8700 Rs 17100 Rs 26500
FTTH Cable Rs 1000 Rs 500 Rs.1000 Rs.1000
Wi-Fi Fiber Router Rs 2500 Rs 2000 Rs 2000 Rs 2000
Refundable Deposit Rs.1500 Rs.1500 Rs.1500 Rs.1500


Rs 6600

Rs 11200

Rs 19100

Rs 28500



Terms and Conditions:

  1. The yearly discount tariffs are for limited period only.
  2. No Sharing
  3. 13% TSC is applicable above VAT on Internet Service only.
  4. 100% Dedicated, End to End Fiber connection
  5. All rates are exclusive of VAT.



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