This midway plan is for those who can’t wait to get things done. In a household, Mom can look up for her Italian cuisine recipes while Daughter is taking an interactive online course in Khan Academy and Son is protecting the world from zombies online. Finally, Dad will come home after a long day and go for his 80s YouTube playlist.

Unlimited plan

30 Mbps 1 Month 3 Months 10 Months + 4 Months Bonus
Package Price Rs. 1650 Rs. 4800 Rs. 14000
FTTH Cable Rs. 1000 Rs.1000 Rs. 1000
Wi-Fi Fiber Router Rs. 2500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 2000
Installation Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000
Refundable Deposit Rs. 1500 Rs. 1500 Rs. 1500


Rs. 5150

Rs. 7300

Rs. 16000

 Terms and Conditions

  1. All rates are exclusive of VAT.
  2. FUP is applicable.


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