SIP/PAP2 Device Configuration

Following are the basic and fast step to configure pap2 device.

1.Hardware Setup 

a.Connect the power cable.


b.Then Ethernet cable should connect at Ethernet port.

download (1)

c. We need a phone set from which the RJ11 need to connect at Phone1 or Phone2 in the device

download (2)

d.After turn the power on, the leds glow.


2.Configuring PAP2 

Adding ip address to PAP2 device.

unhook receiver and dail **** and then listen carefull to machine replys “configuration manual please dial option followed by # key……. “


To checking DHCP dial


To disable DHCP dial

101#  then dial 0 (zero) then listen carefully what machine replys.

To add static IP address in PAP2 device dial

. **** 111#  xxx*xxx*xxx*xxx#

By default pap2 takes subnet mask

To check IP address

**** 110#

To check subnet mask


To check gateway



3.To add VOIP username and password

Now add same range of ip in your PC or laptop

Now connect your PAP2 with PC or laptop via Ethernet cable.

Then open a browser and put same static IP( address in address bar of browser and press enter

After pressing enter you will be prompted with user name and password filed.

Then give pap2 device user name and password.

Then go admin login after that go to line1. In line 1 make

line enable:  yes


Register: yes

Display Name: -…….(any name )

User name:-…………(voip username provided by classictech)

Password:-********  (voip password provided by classictech) and

Preferred codec:- G729a

All other parameter are kept default


Follow same step for line 2


Save the page and check all the LEDs glow on the PAP2 device.

Now the device is configured and ready to make a VOIP call worldwide.




S.N LED Behaviour Description
1 Power LED glowing with RED color Power is Ok on the device.
2 Power LED blinking No Network connectivity on the SIP device. Bringing the Network Interface UP.
3 Power LED glowing and Network LED blinking Network cable OK connected to router
4 Phone1 LED glowing Phone Line REGISTERED, ready to use
5 Phone1 LED blinking Phone Line is on USE