How to Install a Router to Use With a DSL Internet Connection.

Routers connect networks to each other and function as network gateways. Routers determine the best path for a data packet, restrict harmful viruses from reaching the network and if required replace hubs and switches. However, routers function primarily as devices that provide or route broadband Internet access to a computer or a network. A router is required to access a DSL Internet connection. Here is how you can install a router to use with a DSL connection.


Things You’ll Need

LAN card and power adapter
Telephone cord (in case of an ADSL router)
CD ROM with manual



1. Plug in the telephone line to the ADSL port of your router. This is applicable only if you have an ADSL connection. Note that in case of an ADSL connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will use your telephone line to provide Internet access.

2. Plug the CAT5 (or CAT6) cable into the Internet port of your router in case on non-ADSL connections. In such cases, your Internet Service Provider would wire a CAT5 (or CAT6) cable specifically for your DSL connection. The end of this cable should be connected to the router.

3. Connect one end of another CAT5 cable (also known as Ethernet cable) to any of the Ethernet ports of your DSL router. Connect the other end to the LAN port of your computer or to the LAN port of your switch/hub if you plan to share the DSL connection on your network. Note that every computer to be connected with the router will require a LAN card installed.

4. Plug in the router to an electrical socket and power it on.

5. Switch on the computer and/or your network switch/hub.

6. Configure the router, the steps for which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Read the user manual and installation guide for specific instructions. Usually the instructions are simple and easy to follow. You will need to input your IP address and a range of other parameters to set up the DSL router. These details will be provided by your ISP.
After configuring the DSL router, visit a few sites to ensure that you have DSL Internet access on your computer(s).