What is Fair Usage Policy?
Fair Usage Policy is described as a bandwidth cap where it dictates the data speed amount of total upload and download speed of a customer limit that has been allowed for a specific period, exceeding which the customer internet data speed would automatically get lowered.
Thus, through this policy, Classic-Tech includes seeks to address this imbalance and give all customers the opportunity to experience the network in the same way.

Why is Fair Usage Policy used?
Fair Usage Policy in Classic-Tech is conventionally used for the proper welfare and benefits for the subscribers (customers). Typically, FUP is used under those circumstances where few customers, using heavy data and filling up the available bandwidth and making the overall experience inappropriate for other users on the same network while browsing, downloading and gaming. Classic-Tech ensures to provide the best quality internet service to our customer, where the security and privacy of our customer are protected.

Cases that caused Fair Usage Policy?
Classic-Tech all unlimited share plans are subjected to FUP. Most of the cases that cause FUP for the subscriber having “Home Plan” can be:

  • If a user is using a “Home Plan” service for official use (for example Hostel, Cyber & Official work). Supposedly, in official use, most of the files that are downloaded and uploaded are popularized as a heavy file where the use of internet bandwidth will be automatically restricted after filling up the available bandwidth.
  • If a customer using “Home Plan” has an unusual or heavy download.
  • If a customer having “Home Plan” has shared a secondary link with multiple users consuming high data.
  • Viruses and Malicious can easily hijack the device to send and receive data without even knowing.

Replenishment of Data Allowance?
The replenishment sequence of the Data Allowance is based upon 30 days (month). Once the customer reaches to certain data transfer limit (defined in the particular plan), speed is reduced as stated in the plan while unlimited data download is guaranteed at reduced speed. At the start of the next monthly billing cycle, the customer’s subscribed speed & data transfer limit is automatically being restored as per the plan subscribed.

In overall, Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is introduced to make sure that a few customers who were heavy users didn’t fill up the available bandwidth, making the overall experience unusual for others on the same network. FUP has been implemented on every ISP Company for wide use in esteem for Broadband Internet Service. FUP monitors and calculate the Data Usage by adding both “Upload” and “Download” data and will get restricted and fall back if the provided bandwidth has been exclusively used.