Step 1: Firstly, The power supply adapter should be plugged to router’s power port.

Step 2: Take Short-length UTP Cable, Plug one of its end to LAN port of router and another to Network card of PC/Laptop.

Step 3: Open the browser on PC and type

Step 4: Once you get a login prompt, provide username “admin” and password “admin” and Right – Click login button.

Step 5: Then Right – Click Setup button.

Step 6: On the Quick setup dialog box, Right – Click Next button.

Step 7: On the Quick setup wizard dialog box, Select PPPoE and Right – Click Next button.

Step 8: Enter the PPPoE Username and the Password provided by your ISP and Right – Click Next button on the dialog box.

Step 9: Provide SSID ( WiFi Username), Network Security Key (WPA-PSK) and Right – Click Next button.

Step 10: Lastly, Right-Click the Finish bottom on the dialog box.