World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2024: ICTs for a Sustainable Future


The 21st century is undeniably the digital age. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have revolutionized every facet of our lives, from communication and commerce to education and healthcare. Yet, despite their transformative potential, a significant portion of the world’s population remains unconnected, creating a formidable barrier known as the digital divide.

Digital Innovation: A Catalyst for Sustainable Development

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD), celebrated annually on May 17th, serves as a powerful reminder of the critical role ICTs play in achieving sustainable development. The UN recognizes that digital technologies can be instrumental in tackling some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, including:

Climate Change: ICTs empower us to monitor environmental changes, develop sustainable practices, and promote climate-conscious policies.

Eradicating Hunger and Poverty: Digital solutions can enhance agricultural productivity, improve access to markets, and empower rural communities.

Quality Education and Healthcare: ICTs facilitate remote learning opportunities, expand access to healthcare services, and enable the dissemination of vital medical information.

Bridging the Digital Divide: A Global Responsibility

However, the potential of ICTs for sustainable development hinges on equitable access. The glaring digital divide persists, with billions lacking the infrastructure, resources, or skills necessary to participate fully in the digital world. This disparity hinders progress on a global scale, disproportionately impacting developing nations.

Several factors contribute to the digital divide:

1. Infrastructure Deficits: Limited access to reliable internet connectivity, particularly in remote areas, remains a significant hurdle.

2. Affordability: The high cost of internet access and digital devices can exclude low-income communities from the digital landscape.

3. Digital Literacy: A lack of essential digital skills hinders individuals’ ability to effectively utilize ICTs.

A Call to Action: Building a More Inclusive Digital Future

To bridge the digital divide and unlock the transformative potential of ICTs for sustainable development, a multi-pronged approach is necessary:

Investment in Infrastructure: Governments, the private sector, and international organizations must collaborate to expand broadband access, particularly in underserved regions.

Promoting Digital Literacy: Educational initiatives that equip individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world are crucial.

Affordability Initiatives: Developing sustainable and accessible pricing models for internet access and digital devices can play a pivotal role in bridging the divide.

The Way Forward: A Collaborative Effort

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day serves as a springboard for collective action. By fostering collaboration between governments, the private sector, civil society, and international organizations, we can create a more inclusive digital future. Here are some specific actions that can be taken:

Governments: Develop national ICT policies that prioritize equitable access, affordability, and digital literacy.

Private Sector: Invest in infrastructure development, bridge the affordability gap, and create innovative digital solutions for sustainable development.

Civil Society: Raise awareness about the digital divide, advocate for inclusive ICT policies, and promote digital literacy initiatives.

Individuals: Embrace digital literacy opportunities, advocate for equitable access, and utilize ICTs responsibly to contribute to sustainable development goals.

By working together, we can leverage the power of ICTs to bridge the digital divide, empower communities, and forge a sustainable future for all.



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Beyond Speed Additional Benefits:

This plan goes beyond just raw speed and offers several additional advantages:

Optimized for Online Gaming:

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Buffer-Free Streaming on Your Favorite OTT Platforms:

At Classic Tech, you got the covered with dedicated CDN servers tailored for popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube etc. With high internet speeds of up to 2 Gbps and our in-house CDN servers, customers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming in stunning 4K resolution without the hassle of buffering or quality degradation.

Invest in the Future

2 Gbps internet is not just about speed; it’s an investment in the future. Whether you are a gamer, a professional relying on high-bandwidth applications, or a family streaming movies and playing games online, this plan offers a future-proof solution that can meet your ever-growing internet needs.

Pricing and Availability

While the exact pricing for the 2 Gbps internet plan is not yet available, you can register your interest on the Classic Tech website to be notified as soon as it’s launched. This will ensure you’re among the first to experience the lightning-fast speeds and advanced features of this revolutionary internet package.

Other Affordable Residental Plans

Classic Tech, understands that every household has unique internet needs. That’s why the company offers a diverse range of internet packages starting from 125 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 300 Mbps, ensuring there is a plan perfect for you. Our pricing is designed with your affordability in mind, without compromising on the quality of service. Experience maximum value and exceptional service with Classic Tech – your gateway to seamless connectivity at unbeatable prices!

Tachyon Packages 12 Months Per Months
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Classic Tech, a leading best internet service provider in Nepal, is proud to announce the launch of its official esports team, Raw Esports. This exciting collaboration marks Classic Tech’s commitment to fostering the burgeoning Nepali esports scene and empowering gamers with the ultimate competitive edge through high-speed internet.


Classic Tech: Trusted Partner in the Digital Age

Classic Tech has been a driving force in Nepal’s network service provider landscape for years, providing individuals and businesses with reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. The Company understands the ever-growing importance of the internet in today’s world, not just for daily tasks but also for entertainment and competitive gaming.

Introducing Raw Esports Nepal

Raw Esports is a team of passionate and talented gamers assembled to represent Nepal on the global esports stage. The team will compete in various PUBG national and international tournaments, striving for excellence and bringing recognition to the Nepali gaming community.

A Legacy of Achievements

Raw Esports team from Nepal, also known as Ruthless Aggressive Warriors (RAW), has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nepali and international esports scene. Here are some of their notable achievements:

1. Winner of PUBG Mobile National Championship – Nepal 2021

2. 7th place finish in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Championship Finals in 2023

3. 3rd place finish in the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Finals in 2023

4. Consistent top placements in various local and international tournaments

5. Renowned for their aggressive playstyle and strategic teamwork.


Raw Esports PUBG Rosters

The Raw Esports team is comprised of skilled and dedicated individuals who are pushing the boundaries of Nepali esports. All of them dreamed of making the country proud by winning the global tournaments.  Here’s a glimpse into their current roster:



3. RAWxPrabin

4. RAWxSleepy

5. RAWxZordy


The Raw Esports Advantage: Powered by Classic Tech

Classic Tech is recognized as the ISP that continuously contributes to esports by providing the best in speed and reliable internet in gaming performance. That’s why Raw Esports players are equipped with Classic Tech cutting-edge internet with powerful devices set up in their boot camp. These will deliver faster speeds, ultra-low latency, and unwavering reliability, ensuring:

1. Seamless gameplay without lag or interruptions

2. Smooth online communication and coordination

3. Hassel Free live streaming on multiple platforms

4. A competitive edge in the fast-paced world of esports.


Beyond the Competition: Building a Community

Raw Esports’s mission extends beyond achieving competitive success on the global stage and representing the nation. The team actively participates in building a vibrant esports gaming community in Nepal. They host tournaments, and live streams, providing a platform for aspiring gamers to:

1. Connect with like-minded individuals

2. Learn from experienced players and coaches

3. Grow their skills and knowledge

4. Contribute to the development of the Nepali esports scene

Review Form Previous Esport Team

Throughout the past year, the Classic Tech esports lineup, known as ‘High Voltage Nepal’, had the privilege of utilizing the services provided. The comment from the High Voltage Nepal:

Our experience with their internet service has been overwhelmingly positive. They consistently delivered excellent internet connectivity, ensuring that our players encountered no disruptions or latency issues during crucial national and international PUBG matches. This reliability significantly bolstered our players’ confidence, enabling them to compete fearlessly against opponents without any technical hindrances.

Moreover, we opted for the Classic Tech enterprise plan for our gaming zone situated at Putalisadak, StarMall. This decision proved to be instrumental as we received round-the-clock support, promptly addressing any concerns or technical glitches that arose.

Classic Tech’s internet service has been instrumental in facilitating our esports endeavors, earning a commendable rating of 9.5 out of 10 from our team. We wholeheartedly recommend Classic Tech to any household, esports, or any organization seeking dependable and efficient internet solutions


What is special for others with the Classic Tech and Raw Esports Collaboration?

Get ready to level up your gaming experience with the exciting collaboration between Classic Tech and Raw Esports! This partnership brings forth the highly anticipated ‘Raw Esports Edition’ package, specially curated to deliver unparalleled gaming performance. With the fastest 200Mbps speed and the advanced ZTE 5 GHz dual-band router, immerse yourself in seamless gameplay with minimal lag. But that’s not all – our commitment extends beyond speed. With round-the-clock customer support from our expert technical team, any internet hiccups are swiftly addressed, ensuring you stay focused on dominating the battlefield. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity – upgrade to the ‘Raw Esports Edition’ package today and experience gaming like never before!


Support Raw Esports Nepal

Follow Classic Tech and Raw Esports Nepal on social media for regular updates, exciting content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the team’s journey. Be a part of the growing esports community in Nepal and cheer on Raw Esports Nepal as they strive for glory on the international stage.

job in classictech nepal

Have you recently finished your +2 and looking for Job in Nepal to generate income? Then yes you have landed on the right page. Your mind must be full of curiosity about getting a job instead of wasting your time. After completing upper secondary education, students get the basic knowledge of various fields. After completing tertiary education, students can become financially independent. There are many beginner-level jobs available in various sectors for those who have finished their senior secondary education. These jobs can help you overcome your personal limitations or a desire to stand up for yourself. These jobs can give you an opportunity to experience the work environment and acquire a wide range of skills. If you are looking to explore the job market after graduating high school, then this blog is for you. We want to provide you with all the information about the various high-quality jobs available in Nepal.

Job Scenario in Nepal

Talking about the jobs in Nepal, many Nepalese youth are getting scam by different fraud organization. These fraud organizations give false hope to the Nepalese youth or student that they will get job 100% guaranteed. As of Kathmandu citizens you may see the many posters related to jobs on the electricity poles and the walls. They fake promised to give you a job. First, when you reach this type of fraud, an organization will ask you to pay money for the registration or security deposit amount to get the job etc. Just by looking at this type of situation you must identify the fraud. No organization will charge any amount for the job. Always verify the company before you go through their social media and on the internet.

Good Job!! You just learn and know how to verify the company for job in Nepal.

Find Your First Job at Classic Tech

Classic Tech is one of the best internet service providers (ISP) company in Nepal which provide internet and IPTV services all over Nepal. Classic Tech have employed more 1500 employees over Nepal. Company well known for giving opportunity to everyone without maintain discrimination. For the freshers like who have completed their intermediate level and are eager to learn and build a career, then the company fully supports them in every aspect. You must be 18+ and have citizenship.

If you have completed intermediate or 12 Class and looking for the job, you can apply for the following positions:

1. Customer Service Representative

A “Customer Service Representative ” involves handling customer inquiries, concerns, and helping with a primary focus on promoting and selling the company’s internet packages or plans. This position requires a combination of customer service skills, technical knowledge about the ISP’s products and services, and effective sales techniques.

2. Fiber Team Member

A “Fiber Team Member” is typically responsible for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fiber-optic network infrastructure. This role is essential in ensuring the reliable delivery of high-speed internet services to residential and business customers.

3. Area Sales Representative

An “Area Sales Representative” or Door to Door Sales Representative is tasked with selling products or services directly to potential customers by visiting their homes in certain areas. In the context of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company, this role involves promoting and selling internet services, packages, or upgrades. Responsibilities include engaging with residents, explaining the ISP’s offerings, addressing inquiries, and closing sales. Door-to-door sales representatives need strong interpersonal and communication skills, resilience, and a persuasive demeanor.

4. Fiber Rider

A “Fiber Team Member” is responsible for the installation, maintenance, or repair of fiber-optic networks. In this case, a Fiber Rider is responsible for physically riding along fiber-optic routes to inspect, maintain, or troubleshoot the network.

5. Front Desk Associate (Female)

A “Front Desk Associate (Female)” is responsible for managing the front office and providing customer-facing services. Their duties include welcoming walk-in clients, handling recharge transactions, facilitating plan upgrades, and assisting with sales-related inquiries. This role involves effective communication with clients, addressing their needs, processing transactions, and promoting sales post-services.

6. L1 Support Technical

An “L1 Support Technical” in an ISP company is primarily tasked with resolving internet-related issues for household customers. This role involves providing prompt and effective technical assistance, troubleshooting connectivity problems, guiding users through modem/router configurations, addressing concerns about internet speed and bandwidth, and ensuring a positive customer.

7. Retail Support Associate

A “Retail Support Associate” is responsible for proactively engaging with existing customers, focusing on tasks such as follow-ups for recharge, facilitating upgrades, and addressing customer issues. This role involves regular communication with customers to ensure timely and seamless recharge processes, providing information and assistance for plan upgrades, and effectively resolving any issues or concerns customers may encounter. The Retail Support Associate plays a vital role in maintaining customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and contributing to the overall success of the ISP by ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

8. And others required position company demanded

To build a comprehensive team in an ISP company, various positions may be required to meet diverse needs.

Final Sentence

If you are an intermediate pass-out and eager to begin your career and looking for job in Nepal, we have exciting entry-level positions available within our dynamic teams. Whether you are interested in customer service, technical support, sales, or other areas, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our growing company. Send your CV to explore opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to our dynamic work environment. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our team.

How to use Gemini AI?

In the realm of artificial intelligence, Google DeepMind has introduced Gemini AI, a game changing model designed to seamlessly comprehend diverse types of information. Here is a closer look at its features and how you can access this groundbreaking technology.

Features of Gemini AI:

Multimodal Brilliance

Gemini is crafted to understand and integrate various forms of information, including text, code, audio, images, and videos. Unlike traditional models, Gemini is inherently multimodal, allowing it to excel in both simple and complex tasks.

Sophisticated Reasoning

Gemini 1.0 boasts advanced reasoning capabilities, making it proficient at unraveling complex written and visual information. This makes it an invaluable tool for extracting insights from extensive document collections in fields such as science and finance.

Comprehensive Understanding

Trained to recognize and understand text, images, audio, and more simultaneously, Gemini stands out for its ability to answer questions on a variety of topics. It particularly excels in explaining reasoning in intricate subjects like mathematics and physics.

Advanced Coding Skills

Gemini is not limited to understanding; it can also generate high-quality code in popular programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and Go. Its versatility across languages positions it as a leading model for coding worldwide.

Coding Excellence: AlphaCode 2

Gemini’s coding capabilities are exemplified in AlphaCode 2, an advanced code generation system that outperforms its predecessor. It collaborates with programmers, proving to be an invaluable tool for problem-solving, proposing code designs, and aiding in implementation.

How to use Gemini AI?

Integration with Google Products

Gemini Pro is being integrated into Google products, starting with Bard. This integration brings advanced reasoning and planning capabilities to users, marking the most significant upgrade to Bard since its launch. It will be available in English in over 170 countries, with plans to expand to new modalities, languages, and locations.

Pixel 8 Pro Integration

Pixel 8 Pro, Google’s flagship smartphone, is engineered to run Gemini Nano. This integration powers new features like Summarize in the Recorder app and Smart Reply in Gboard for messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk. More integrations are planned for the coming months.

Expansion to Google Products and Services

Gemini is set to become available in more Google products and services, including Search, Ads, Chrome, and Duet AI. Early experiments with Gemini in Search have already shown a 40% reduction in latency in English in the U.S., along with improvements in quality.

Developer Access

Developers and enterprise customers can access Gemini Pro through the Gemini API in Google AI Studio or Google Cloud Vertex AI, starting from December 13. Google AI Studio offers a free, web-based developer tool for quick app prototyping, while Vertex AI provides a fully managed platform for customization and enhanced enterprise features.

On-Device Tasks for Android Developers

Android developers can leverage Gemini Nano, the most efficient model for on-device tasks, via AICore. This new system capability will be available in Android 14, starting on Pixel 8 Pro devices. An early preview of AICore is available for sign-up.

Gemini Ultra on the Horizon

Gemini Ultra, currently undergoing extensive trust and safety checks, is expected to be available for early experimentation with select customers, developers, partners, and safety and responsibility experts. A broader release is planned for early next year.

Bard Advanced for Cutting-Edge AI:

Soon, Google plans to launch Bard Advanced, offering access to their best models and capabilities, starting with Gemini Ultra. This promises an innovative AI experience for users.

What stops you from accessing Gemini AI?

However, you have a good knowledge about Gemini ai did you know what can stop you from accessing the Gemini ai? Here is the answer without good internet this is just like an annoying website which can take hours to load an answer. Sometimes there will even be errors and difficulty in opening such sites. Here is the one solution for that Classic Tech Internet. Classic Tech known as the best internet service provider company in Nepal. It has been providing services to overall Nepal in 74 districts with 106 outlets. The company is quite impressive for providing high speed internet services within the budget range.

Check out internet plans of Classic Tech on the official website. As Gemini AI continues to roll out across platforms and products, its multimodal brilliance and advanced capabilities are set to redefine how we interact with and leverage artificial intelligence. Whether you are a user, developer, or enterprise customer, Gemini AI opens a world of possibilities for enhanced reasoning, problem solving, and innovation.

Classictech Christmas and New Year offer

Classic Tech, Nepal’s leading internet service provider (ISP) has released its Christmas and New Year festive offer plans for new installation. It is the season to stay connected, and Classic Tech is here to make your holidays even more special with the exclusive Christmas and New Year offers. New customers who want to connect to Classic Tech can get fast internet packages with an additional bonus.

As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome new year 2024, ensure more seamless online experiences than ever before. Classic Tech offers its incredible top-selling packages: 125mbps, 200mbps, and 300mbps, each plan capable of catering to your unique online needs. With this offer, you will get a 5G Dual band router, IPTV, Free installation, and a 2-month bonus of a yearly installation.

Top-Selling Internet Package:

125mbps Package: Perfect for casual browsing, streaming your favourite holiday movies, and staying connected with loved ones. Experience uninterrupted internet browsing for 2-3 users with zero buffer or lag issues.

200mbps Package: Ideal for households with multiple devices, ensuring everyone can enjoy smooth online activities simultaneously. Optimized for online gaming Perfect for 4-5 users provides a dedicated network with low ping and minimal lag, ideal for enjoying popular games like PUBG, Free Fire, CSGO, and more.

300mbps Package: For the ultimate internet enthusiasts who demand the best speeds for gaming, 4K streaming, and seamless video conferencing. This package is suitable for 7-9 users.

Classic Tech Internet Price:

Tachyon Packages 12 Months Per Months
125 Mbps Rs. 8,400 Rs. 700 BOOK NOW
200 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.13,455 Rs. 1,120 BOOK NOW
300 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.15,855 Rs. 1,320 BOOK NOW

(For accurate and updated package prices you can visit the Website *T&C Applied


Share the joy of our Christmas and New Year Offer with friends and family. Refer a friend, and both of you can enjoy an exclusive referral bonus. For the festive refer offer both referral and referee can get a 1-1 month bonus on the yearly installation which includes a 5G Dual band router, IPTV, and no cost for installation.


Classic Tech has also put out an exclusive recharge offer for its existing users. Festive recharge offer includes a 5G Dual band router, IPTV, and an additional bonus on its annual subscription.

Classic Tech Festive Recharge Offer:

Tachyon Packages Per Months Bonus
225 Mbps Rs. 770 2 Months RECHARGE NOW
325 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.800 3 Months RECHARGE NOW
500 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.833 12 Months RECHARGE NOW

(For accurate and updated package prices you can visit the Website *T&C Applied

In Essence:

Classic Tech, Christmas, and New Year offers are valid for a limited time only. Never miss out to elevate your online experience with Classic Tech’s Christmas and New Year offers. Grab the festive deal now. For more details, you can visit our Website or call on 9801004477. Also, you can like, and follow on Social Media for regular updates.

The term “corporate structure” describes how different parts of an organization are arranged such as its departments, hierarchy, and decision-making procedures. Corporate structure refers to how the company is organized. A corporate structure comprises various departments that contribute to the company’s overall mission and goals.

Corporate forms are very diverse, ranging from single companies to multi-corporate combinations. Some types of Corporate structures are functional, divisional, flat, and matrix.

An organization’s corporate structure is crucial because it provides the framework and clear guidelines necessary for it to function. For employees to contribute to guiding the business toward its goal, they must be able to comprehend their positions within an organization.

Types of Corporate Structure:

Here are four types of corporate structures explained in simple terms. The organizational structure covers mainly 4 types of corporate structure they are functional, divisional, flat, and matrix.

Functional Structure:

? How it works: Employees are grouped based on their specific skills or functions, like marketing, finance, or operations.

? Pros: Efficient task performance within specialized teams.

? Cons: Communication challenges across different functions.

Divisional Structure:

? How it works: The company is divided into units based on products, services, or geographic locations.

? Pros: Each unit operates somewhat independently, providing flexibility.

? Cons: Possibility of duplicated functions across different units.

Flat Structure:

? How it works: There are few or no middle management levels; employees have direct communication with executives.

? Pros: Quick decision-making, and open communication.

? Cons: Limited career advancement paths, potential for overloaded executives.

Matrix Structure:

? How it works: Employees report to both a functional manager (e.g., marketing) and a project or product manager.

? Pros: Flexibility and expertise from both functional and project perspectives.

? Cons: Potential for power struggles and increased complexity.

For the smooth operation of the organization, the corporate structure forms different departments which include Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Human Resources, and IT.

Role of Human Resources (HR) :

The role of Human Resources (HR) is pivotal in the context of corporate structure. HR plays a remarkable part in various aspects related to the organization’s people, culture, and overall behavior.

Human Resources manages duties such as talent acquisition and recruitment, performance management and employee benefits, training and development, compliance, workplace safety, reward, and recognition, and many more. An HR department can help provide organizational structure and the ability to meet company goals by effectively managing the employee lifecycle.

Adding up, corporate structure and the role of HR in the corporate world are both interconnected to each other. This blog will help you to navigate a closer look at the corporate structure and role of human resource management (HR) of Nepal’s leading and pioneer internet and network service provider Classic Tech.

Classic Tech at a glance:

Since its founding in 2009, Classic Tech has been the leading internet service provider(ISP) in Nepal. Classic Tech has over 106 branches all over Nepal and is available in 74 districts in Nepal. The company has employed more than 1500+ staff all over Nepal. Having its internal Human resource management to hire desired candidates for their organization.

Classic Tech has been the top choice for job seekers, known for its desired and rewarding working environment. The corporate structure is formed with different departments like Sales and Marketing, Administration and Finance, Human Resources(HR), Fiber and Operation, Customer Service, and many more. Each department comes together to meet company goals.

Here at Classic Tech, the company respects and give equal chance to their employees for their personal and professional growth. Likewise, HR does overall performance analysis and provides rewards and recognition to their employees. HR has the main role in the recruitment process, retention, talent management, employee benefits, training and development, and many more.

Classic Tech has rapidly expanded its presence to 106 outlets across 74 districts in Nepal, fostering connections and establishing a network that reaches every corner of the nation. The company’s network coverage spans both inside and outside the valley. Inside the valley, you can find branches and outlets in key locations such as Golfutar, Balaju, New Baneshwor, Lalitpur, Chapagaun, Pepsicola, Suryabinayak, Thankot, and more. Meanwhile, outside the valley, Classic Tech has a presence in cities like Biratnagar, Bhairahwa, Birgunj, Chitwan, Nepalgunj, Dharan, Itahari, Dewangunj, and many others.

Why choose Classic Tech?

Classic tech provides good care, work satisfaction, and career growth opportunities. The employee’s performance is analyzed and reviewed timely. Well-performing staff are appreciated with a pay rise, promotions, and various other facilities to keep them motivated.

However, not all employees perform equally well. For less productive employees, the company provides training and development programs to enhance their skills and increase their productivity. The company believes, that every employee is different and needs different motivation and care for better outcomes.

Available Departments at Classic Tech:

Classic Tech has a different operational and functional department that offers freshers and experienced individuals jobs based on its needs and vacancies. The HR team overall handles the hiring process.

The Sales and Marketing department has both indoor sales and outdoor sales. Indoor sales refer to the Central Sales team i.e. Call Center(CC), Digital Marketing whereas Outdoor sales refer to Area Sales representatives (ASR)i.e. Door to Door marketing(D2D).

The Fiber and Operation department deals with the overall fiber installation, troubleshooting, and expansion (T&E).

The Customer service department handles customer support and service, the company has both an on-call technical team as well as field staff. It provides 24/7, 365-day customer support to their customers.

The Corporate department looks into both internet and intranet services for enterprises and official usage. It is designed to support seamless online operations, collaboration, and customer engagement.

The Human Resources (HR) department overviews the overall hiring and recruitment process. HR does overall performance analysis and provides rewards and recognition to their employees.

The Administration and Finance department manages various administrative functions and financial activities. This can include tasks such as budgeting, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, procurement, and overall organizational management.

Classic Tech has other departments that overview and provide jobs in Nepal to jobseekers. Each department comes together to meet company goals.

Join Classic Tech:

Classic Tech as a leading internet service provider(ISP) in Nepal has been opening job vacancies in Nepal at multiple positions and departments. Classic Tech has 106 branches and 74 districts both inside and outside Kathmandu Valley. The company announces job vacancies through its website., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Job portals, etc.

Classic Tech is currently hiring for various positions across its branches and outlets, both inside and outside the valley. Job opportunities are available in core locations inside the valley, including Jobs in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Banepa, Kirtipur, Chapagaun, and more. For those seeking opportunities outside the valley, the company is offering Jobs in Biratnagar, Hetauda, Bhairahwa, Chitwan, Pokhara, Birgunj, Dharan and other locations.

For the latest updates on job vacancies and to explore opportunities, please visit the official Classic Tech website.. They regularly update their vacancy listings to provide the most current information for prospective applicants.

Hereby you can join a dynamic team and experience the pragmatic workforce environment. You can apply to various positions, as shown on the website. To apply you can visit the website or send your CV/ resume to

best internet in nepal

In today’s interconnected world, having access to reliable and fast internet in Nepal is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether you are working from home, streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar or connecting with loved ones across the globe, a strong speed internet connection is essential for staying productive and entertained.

Nepal, like many countries around the world, has seen a significant rise in internet usage in recent years. As of January 2022, Nepal had 11.51m internet users. This surge in demand has led to the emergence of numerous internet service providers (ISPs), each offering a variety of plans and packages to cater to diverse needs and budgets.

As a savvy internet user, it is crucial to make an informed decision when choosing a Best ISP in Nepal 2024. Factors such as price, speed, reliability, network coverage, and customer service should all be considered to ensure you get the best value for your money.

To help you navigate this ever-evolving landscape, this blog compiled a comprehensive guide to Nepal’s best internet provider Classic Tech, a rising star in the Nepali ISP scene.

Classic Tech: Your Gateway to a Seamless Online Experience

Established in 2009, Classic Tech has quickly gained recognition as a leading best internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal, offering a range of fiber optic internet plans to suit every need. Our commitment to providing high-quality, affordable internet access has made us a popular choice among both individuals and businesses.

Key Criteria for Selecting Your ISP

Choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) is crucial for a seamless online experience. Classic Tech stands out by prioritizing key factors such as price, speed, reliability, network coverage, and customer service. Let us delve into each of these aspects and understand how Classic Tech is setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Why Choose Classic Tech?

1. Unmatched Speed and Reliability

Classic Tech boasts one of the fastest internet speeds in Nepal, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted online experience. The fiber optic infrastructure guarantees consistent performance, even during peak usage times. And facilitate speed up to 1 Gbps in demand.

2. Internet Price

Classic Tech understands that internet access should be accessible to everyone. That is why the company offer a variety of budget-friendly priced internet packages to fit any budget, without compromising on quality.

Company offers a range of internet plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether you are a casual internet user, a dedicated gamer, or a business owner with demanding bandwidth requirements, there are plans that are perfect for you.

Tachyon Internet Package (Home)

Ditch buffering nightmares and laggy connections with our blazing-fast home Internet Tachyon packages. Stream your favorite shows in seconds, dominate online games without lagging on lowest ping up to 40MS, and connect with loved ones in crystal clarity. Our plans are perfect for streamers, gamers, and families who crave a seamless online experience. Do not settle for slow – unlock the possibilities Here are the prices below.

Classic Tech Internet Price in Nepal:

Tachyon Packages 12 Months Per Months
125 Mbps Rs. 8,400 Rs. 700 BOOK NOW
200 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.13,455 Rs. 1,120 BOOK NOW
300 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.15,855 Rs. 1,320 BOOK NOW

(For accurate and up-to-date information on internet pricing, please visit our website)

Corporate Internet Plans:

Unleash the full potential of your business with Business Internet plans, designed to support seamless online operations, collaboration, and customer engagement.

3. Network coverage (Internet Near Me)

Bringing connectivity to the heart of Nepal since 2009, Classic Tech has rapidly expanded its reach. In a remarkable 14 years, the company has established services in 106 outlets across 74 districts of Nepal, connecting communities and creating a network that resonates with every corner of the nation. Check whether our internet is available in your area or not through the coverage section on the website.

4. Exceptional 24/7 Customer Service

Classic Tech prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing responsive and knowledgeable support 24/7 whenever you need it. Our team is always ready to assist you with any queries or internet-related issues.

5. Classic Tech Mobile App

The Classic Tech Mobile App provides convenient access to your Classic Tech account, allowing you to effortlessly renew internet packages and check speeds directly from your mobile device. All your internet-related settings are now conveniently at your fingertips.


Classic Tech IPTV allows users to watch live TV channels and content from popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. It also supports over 200+ live HD TV channels, providing a wide range of entertainment options for users.

Final words

Classic Tech is not just an internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal; it functions as a driving force for the nation’s digital evolution. Classic Tech has gained widespread acclaim among our customers in Nepal due to its superior quality, timely service, and reliable internet speed, making it a beloved household name. Company commitment to providing the best internet prices in Nepal is evident. The Residential Broadband package not only fulfills essential needs but also offers options such as a ZTE Dual Band Router, Secondary Router and Mesh Wi-Fi system.

Nepal has recently experienced a series of earthquakes, including a Magnitude (ML): 4.5 earthquake at Makawanpur on November 22 (01:19 AM), Magnitude (ML): 4.5 earthquake at Bajhang On November 20 (11:37 PM), Magnitude (ML): 4.3 earthquake at Rukum-East On November 19(2:59 PM), Magnitude (ML): 4.0 earthquake at Bajura On November 07 (12:58 PM), and Magnitude (ML): 6.4 earthquake at Jajarkot On November 03 (11:47 PM), 2023. These earthquakes have caused some damage to buildings and infrastructure, there have been 105 deaths reported in Jajarkot, and many serious injuries as well. (Source: )

In the face of these ongoing seismic events, the internet emerges as a powerful tool for staying informed, prepared, and connected during earthquakes. By harnessing the internet’s vast resources, individuals and communities can significantly enhance their safety and well-being before, during, and after an earthquake.

Before the Tremors Strike: Earthquake Preparedness Powered by the Internet

Even as the ground beneath Nepal trembles, the internet remains a steadfast ally in earthquake preparedness. Here is how the digital realm can empower you to safeguard yourself and your loved ones:

1. Gather Earthquake Risk Information in Your Area: Delve into the website of the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) or explore the online portals of local disaster management agencies. These valuable resources provide insights into earthquake history, potential hazards, and recommended safety measures in your area.

2. Craft an Earthquake Preparedness Plan: Utilize the internet to develop a comprehensive plan for your household, encompassing evacuation routes, emergency supplies, and effective communication strategies. Share this plan with all family members and conduct regular drills to ensure everyone is prepared.

3. Retrofit Your Home for Earthquake Resilience: The internet is a treasure trove of information on identifying earthquake vulnerabilities in your home and learning about retrofitting techniques to bolster earthquake resistance. By taking these proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of structural damage during an earthquake.

During the Earthquake: Navigating Through Tremors with the Internet’s Guidance

When the earth beneath your feet begins to shake, the internet can provide critical information and guidance to help you navigate through the tremors:

1. Receive Earthquake Alerts: Stay ahead of the curve by signing up for earthquake alerts from government agencies or reputable organizations. These timely notifications will keep you informed about earthquakes in your area, allowing you to take immediate action.

2. Access Real-time Updates: Embrace the power of news websites and social media platforms to stay abreast of real-time updates on the earthquake, including its location, magnitude, and potential aftershocks. This up-to-date information is crucial for making informed decisions during the crisis.

3. Locate Emergency Resources: When the need arises, the internet can help you swiftly locate nearby emergency shelters, hospitals, and other essential services. These resources can provide vital support and assistance during the aftermath of an earthquake.

After the Tremors Subside: Internet-driven Restoration and Support

Even as the dust settles, the internet remains an indispensable tool in the post-earthquake recovery phase:

1. Stay Informed About Relief Efforts: Leverage the internet to stay updated on ongoing relief efforts, including food distribution, medical assistance, and financial aid. This information can help you access the resources you need to rebuild your life after the earthquake.

2. Connect with Loved Ones: In the aftermath of an earthquake, the internet serves as a lifeline for connecting with friends and family members. Utilize social media platforms to check their safety, share information, and offer emotional support.

3. Seek Emotional Support: Online forums and support groups provide a safe space to seek emotional support and connect with others who have experienced the trauma of an earthquake. Sharing your experiences and connecting with others can aid in the healing process.

Embrace the Internet Power for Earthquake Safety with Classic Tech.

Role of the Classic Tech in Earthquake

Classic Tech, a renowned ISP company in Nepal, plays a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted communication during seismic events. As a leading provider of internet and IPTV services, we are committed to delivering reliable connectivity, even in challenging circumstances like earthquakes with 24/7 support.
In the event of an earthquake, Classic Tech ensures continuous internet access, providing invaluable assistance to users seeking crucial information such as earthquake safety measures, alerts, resource allocation, connecting with loved ones, and accessing real-time updates. Our internet packages are tailored to meet diverse user requirements, offering budget-friendly prices.

Explore our range of internet packages on our official website to find the perfect fit for your needs. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the 105 people who lost their lives in the recent earthquake in Jajarkot. At Classic Tech, we remain dedicated to promoting safety, connectivity, and resilience in the face of seismic challenges.

In the face of Nepal’s ongoing seismic activity, the internet stands as a beacon of hope, empowering individuals, and communities to enhance their earthquake safety. By staying informed, taking preventive measures, and utilizing the internet’s vast resources, we can collectively minimize the impact of earthquakes and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Remember, preparedness is key, and the internet is our ally in achieving earthquake resilience.

Classic Tech Dashain Tihar Offer Honor earbuds

In the vibrant and dynamic landscape of the Nepali earbuds market, Classic Tech has unveiled an exclusive collaboration with HONOR to make this Dashain and Tihar season truly exceptional. As part of this exciting partnership, Classic Tech is offering the HONOR Earbuds X5 with the most premium features which is discussed below at an irresistible price. With their sleek design, advanced features, and impressive specifications, these earbuds are set to redefine your audio experience. In this blog, we will dive deep into what makes HONOR Earbuds X5 a must-have for audiophiles. In addition to this unbeatable offer, the earbuds come bundled with high-speed internet packages, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and audiophiles across Nepal.

Why choose these earbuds in the current scenario?

Finding the best wireless earbuds in Nepal that offer top-notch features and value for your money can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here’s a look at some of the compelling features that make the HONOR Earbuds X5 a great choice for earbuds in Nepal in 2023:

Design and Colors

The HONOR Earbuds X5 comes in a pristine white color, exuding elegance, and sophistication. Their lightweight design, weighing in at approximately 35.4 grams (without earbuds), ensures comfort during extended use. Slip them into your ears, and you will hardly notice they are there, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your music or calls.

Intuitive Controls

Navigating your audio experience has never been easier. These earbuds feature a range of control options, including press control, double-tap, triple-tap, and long-press gestures. This level of control ensures that you can manage your music playback, calls, and more with just a touch.

Advanced Features

The HONOR Earbuds X5 comes packed with innovative features to enhance your daily life. Proximity discovery allows for seamless connection to your devices as soon as you open the charging case. Plus, dual-device connectivity ensures you can switch between two devices effortlessly.

Smart Sensors

Equipped with cap sensors and hall sensors, these earbuds can detect when you are wearing them and adjust their behavior accordingly. This wear detection feature helps conserve battery life and ensures a seamless listening experience.

Long time Battery Life

The HONOR Earbuds X5 boasts an impressive battery capacity. The earbuds themselves feature a 30mAh battery, while the charging case holds 410mAh. With AAC audio encoding, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge, and with the charging case, that extends to a whopping 27 hours of music playback. Say goodbye to battery anxiety.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The standout feature of the HONOR Earbuds X5 is their Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. Block out the world and immerse yourself in your music with ANC. Whether you are on a noisy commute or simply want to focus on a busy environment, ANC allows you to enjoy your audio without distractions.

Convenient Charging

Charging the HONOR Earbuds X5 is a breeze with the USB-C port. Earbuds charge in just 1 hour, while the charging case takes 1.5 hours for a full charge. This means you can get back to enjoying your music or podcasts quickly.

Seamless Connectivity

These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.2 technology, ensuring a stable and fast connection to your devices. They are backward compatible, meaning you can pair them with older devices too. The pop-up pairing feature makes connecting a breeze, and the simultaneous Bluetooth connection with dual devices adds convenience to your multitasking.

Immersive Audio Experience

With a 13mm moving-coil loudspeaker driver, the HONOR Earbuds X5 delivers exceptional audio quality. ANC further enhances your audio experience by blocking out unwanted noise, allowing you to appreciate the rich and immersive sound these earbuds provide.

What is in the Box?

When you unbox your HONOR Earbuds X5, you will find a pair of earbuds (left and right), a wireless charging case, a quick start guide, safety information, and a warranty card. Everything you need to start your audio journey right away.

Classic Tech Dashain and Tihar Offer

As part of the Dashain and Tihar celebrations, Classic Tech is making these incredible earbuds available at the special price of just Rs. 3,990, exclusively for the Nepali market. This offer represents a substantial discount on the market price of Rs. 6,000, making it an unbeatable deal.

Internet Package

To sweeten the deal even further, Classic Tech is offering the HONOR Earbuds X5 with bundled internet packages. You can choose between two high-speed options:

1. 200 Mbps – Priced at just Rs. 907 per month.

2. 300 Mbps – Priced at just Rs. 1,177 per month.

Main Offer Package 125 Mbps – Priced at just Rs. 8,400 for one year.

This bundle allows you to enjoy a seamless online experience alongside your premium audio setup.

Now, you can secure this fantastic combo deal through multiple convenient channels:

1. Visit any Classic Tech branch near you.

1. Explore our official Classic Tech website.

3. Simply call 9801004477 to place your order.

In a market flooded with options, the HONOR Earbuds X5 stands out as a versatile and feature-rich choice, now with the added benefit of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Their sleek design, intuitive controls, advanced features, impressive battery life, and ANC capability make them a valuable addition to your tech arsenal. Elevate your audio experience with the HONOR Earbuds X5 and enjoy music, calls, and more like never before, all while escaping the noise of the outside world.