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At Classic Tech our mission is to innovate and to provide quality network services that realize the demand of various users. We pledge to develop most reliable and affordable services in the hands of our customers, hence empowering the nation.


Our Vision is to provide quality internet and network service with higher speed and greater reliability. Responsive customer support with value added service that provides complete satisfaction to our customer is our thirst and also the endeavor of Classic Tech.


Our goal is to help our customers to keep in touch, do business and to flourish regardless of distance by using the latest and upgraded technology. We aim to be a leading Internet Service Provider and Network Service Provider throughout the nation.


The network connectivity and the internet is certainly one of the major phenomenon in Nepal today, in fact it is being universally recognized that as the Internet proliferates, so will E-Commerce E-Governance , E-Business and other E-services therefore it is our national interest to boost the expansion of internet services in the country. Classic Tech continues to progress and proactively analyze to understand the issues and concerns of internet industry and address them through sharing of information from various platforms available.

Some of the objectives we have targeted are:

Internet availability and reach-ability in rural areas
Generate employment opportunities (directly/indirectly).
Promote the project and develop the interests of ISP/NSP.
Collaborate and associate with related National and International Organizations for an update on technologies and latest practices.