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Your Customer ID is the number provided by Classic Tech which is used to identify your account. It is just like a Bank Account number, which helps us identify you quickly and easily. We request customers to keep their Customer ID with them, as it will come in handy identifying you when you contact us with any queries. Your customer ID is written in the Classic Tech sticker placed on the Fiber WiFi Device. After the successful installation of our service at your location, you will receive an automated SMS to your registered mobile number with full details including your Customer ID/ Username, WiFi SSID(WiFi name), Customer Login Details for Web Page and Mobile Applications.

For a new installation you can do the following things:

  1. You can open a new ticket from your Classic Tech support app.
  2. You can visit your nearest branch of Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  3. You can make a call on Troll free number:16600150999
  4. You can also call on Customer Service:9802922304
  5. You can chat via Facebook:
  6. You can visit the website:

You can view your IPTV expiry date on the Homepage of the Classic Tech app as it expires when an internet subscription is expired.

IPTV is provided free of cost to the existing customer. So, when the subscription date is expired it also gets expired. After the renewal of the account, the date will automatically extend.

IPTV operates through the Internet, so if there is no internet service, then your IPTV will not work either. Sometimes, there may also be some other technical issues, for which you can create a ticket from the Classic Tech app or contact us at 9801006633 or 9802922304 or 16600150999 or you can chat on
or website:

  1. You need to open the Classic Tech app and create a support ticket
  2. You can call at 9802922304 or 9801006633

You can also mail us at

Troubleshoot can be done by the following process:

  1. Lan Cable must be connected:
  2. In port 2 for 1 TV
  3. In ports 2 and 3 for 2 TV
  4. In ports 2, 3, and 4 for 3TV
  5. Under my app
  6. The live TV version must be the same
  7. Install version- 1.0.14
  8. Market version- 1.0.14

If the installed and market version is not the same then upgrade it by clicking on the upgrade option of live TV.

  1. Under homepage

IP must be 100.111.X.X or 100.101.X.X to run TV.

Classic Tech App is created for our users. The application allows user to access all the information about their credentials as well as regular updates from Classic Tech. User can see and check their FUP consumptions. It allows customers to check financial details and also provides assist in support function like registering complains, package upgrade, recharge and other offers provided by Classic Tech.

Yes, you must register your mobile number with Classic Tech. It plays a vital role as you need an OTP (verification) code to log in to the app and it is skippable.

It is a 5-digit verification code that is received while logging in to the Classic Tech app. It must be received as a message in just 1-2 minutes after logging. If not received, tap on the option to send again or contact Classic Tech if an issue arises.

After getting the OTP code you can log in to the app by using the code with username and password that is sent on the registered mobile number.

No need to worry if you forget it, all you need to do is go to the forget password option and re-generate the password again through your registered mobile number.

It is the time-back period due to a network outage or any other bulk issue in the area or any system issue for occurs for more than 24 hrs. This service is provided to cover up the usage days losses that the customer bears due to the system issue. For compensation, you need to claim for it within 1 month.

In case of Service Payback you need to create a ticket from Classic Tech App or you can call us at 9801006633 or 9802922304 or mail us at or you can chat via Facebook: you can visit the nearest branch and after the compensation provided you can get a notification of provided compensation days via SMS.

Service Payback is added when the requested date is approved and the expiry date will be increased after the addition of compensating days.

There are various ways to connect with us:

Classic Tech Mobile Application

The customer Web Page portal is the client login page service provided by the company to its subscribers which allows us to examine their account details like its expiry date, usage, register complaints and, provide support, earn refer offers, etc. Here is the attached link to log in to the page:

You can log in to the Classic Tech customer Web Page portal via classic tech website or app:


  1. You need to start your browser
  2. Go to the customer tab and client login
  3. Then you are asked to fill up the username and password
  4. The username and password must be filled up with the details that are given by the company via SMS
  5. If you have lost the SMS then you need to call us at customer service or get OTP.


  1. From the application menu, you need to open the Classic Tech app
  2. There you are asked to keep the registered mobile number
  3. Then after adding the number an OTP code is sent to the number as an SMS
  4. You need to keep that OTP code and only the app will open
  5. After opening the app you can see the customer portal homepage.

You can modify the Wi-Fi password but not the Wi-Fi username. So, the password can be modified by the following process:

  1. First login to the Classic Tech app
  2. Then at the homepage, you can see the router option
  3. You need to go through the router option where you can see the Wi-Fi setting option
  4. Thereby, you can see the Wi-Fi password option and can edit accordingly.

You can check the internet usage from the classic tech website as well as from the app:

  1. You need to log in to the app first
  2. Then you can see the internet option on the homepage of the app
  3. You can see on web page portal also
  4. After selecting the internet option there you can see the internet usage
  5. Now you can select whether you want to see a monthly or yearly usage of the internet.

Fair Usage Policy or FUP is practiced by ISPs worldwide whereby it allows ISPs to restrict or throttle Internet Speeds on unlimited plans to prevent misuse or excessive use of bandwidth provided. FUP is implemented with the intent of protecting the ISP's ability to provide quality internet services to all of their customers and to ensure no customers are disadvantaged by the behavior of others.

Providing unlimited Internet service increases the risk of few customers abusing service and using most of the ISP's bandwidth which makes it difficult for ISPs to maintain quality for other customers who have moderate usage and are paying an equal amount of money. To prevent this ISP throttle or restrict speeds of customers who have excessive usage to maintain fair usage amongst all of its customers.

Fair Usage Policy in Classic Tech is conventionally used for proper welfare and benefits for customers. Typically, FUP is used under those circumstances where a customer uses heavy data and fills up the allocated bandwidth and making the overall experience inappropriate for other users on the same network while browsing, downloading, and gaming. Classic Tech ensures to provide the best quality internet service to our customers, where the security and privacy of our customers are protected.

If a user is under influence of FUP the user will experience a slow internet connection while browsing or let’s say subscribed bandwidth will be throttled as per the ISP’s rules and policy.

Classic-Tech all unlimited share plans are subjected to FUP. Most of the cases that cause FUP for a subscriber having a “Home Plan” can be:

  • If a user is using a “Home Plan” service for official use (for example Hostel, Cyber & Official work). Supposedly, in official use, most of the files that are downloaded and uploaded are popularized as heavy files where the use of internet bandwidth will be automatically restricted after filling up available bandwidth.
  • If a customer using “Home Plan” has an unusual or heavy download.
  • If a customer having “Home Plan” has shared a secondary link with multiple users consuming high data.
  • Viruses and Malicious can easily hijack devices to send and receive data without even knowing.

Subscribing to an appropriate internet plan is the best way to avoid FUP restrictions. A user can avoid FUP by keeping track of Download and Upload speed regularly. Also taking control over massive download and sharing.

In Classic Tech we have a Classic FUP system, which monitors our user’s behavior, when a user exceeds the monthly data threshold, Zone will be tagged automatically, and based on ZONE tagged, our system automatically restricts those abusers and keeps the overall experience balanced for normal users.

The Classic Tech system automatically checks on a user's data usage and triggers the FUP zone if a user crosses the daily download limit. ZONES are categorized into three different types 1. YELLOW Zone 2. RED Zone & 3. BLACK Zone

As we know, zones are triggered automatically and three zones of speed throttling are done depending on the client’s usage within a monthly billing cycle.

YELLOW Zone: Fair Usage Quota threshold the client’s speed will be throttled; they will be notified via SMS/EMAIL/Notification in mobile apps.

RED Zone: Fair Usage Quota threshold the client’s speed will be throttled; they will be notified via SMS/EMAIL/Notification in mobile apps.

BLACK Zone: Fair Usage Quota threshold the client’s speed will be throttled to 5Mbps; they will be notified via SMS/EMAIL/Notification in mobile apps.

If a customer has crossed the FUP Quota threshold, their data usage counter will reset at the first of every monthly billing cycle and their Internet will return to its original speed.

The replenishment sequence of the Data Allowance is based upon 30 days (month). At the start of the next monthly billing cycle, the customer’s subscribed speed & data transfer limit is automatically being restored as per the plan subscribed.

Other than this customers can also consider upgrading their plan to get higher Fair Usage Quotas or subscribe to our SOHO (Small Office and Home office) plans which have no Fair Usage Quota.

Or More Details Visit:

It is a scheme where existing user recommends Classic Tech’s internet service to their friends and family. Here the referrer gets a 1-month free bonus on the internet and TV on every referral.

You can refer family and friends by following the steps mentioned below:

Classic tech app:

Step 1: Open the Classic Tech App

Step 2: At the homepage there you may see the “Refer Option”

Step 3: Click the refer option

Step 4: There you can see a reference form where you need to fill up with the personal  Details.

You will get your reward after the person you referred has installed Classic Tech Internet and cleared all the payments.

Refer offer is available on most of the plans. To check the eligibility of the plan, please speak to one of our representatives or call us at 9801004477.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Referring customers will get 1 month[Internet + IPTV] bonus.
  2. One who refers will automatically get 1 month [Internet + IPTV] refer bonus after connection and clearing all the amount of NI.
  3. The referral scheme is only valid if the client referred to choose the package (except ASR Package) of 1-Year Only.
  4. Only Existing clients will be able to make a referral.
  5. Referral can be initiated only through the client’s own Classic tech Mobile Application. Referral by any other means shall not apply to the referral scheme.
  6. There is no limitation on the number of referrals that a client can make.
  7. The referral will not be valid if the customer being referred has already booked a connection with Classic tech.

It is a value-added service provided by our internet company. As shifting takes some period to be done the company will provide the ETR (estimated time rate) to complete it. Sometimes shifting goes on expansion case when a client wants location shifting. Due to the unavailability of the Distribution-Box point, it takes some time to complete it.

Please kindly contact us to move Classic Tech Internet to a different location either within the same house or to a new location.

Fiber cable used to supply Internet to your location needs to be handled by Fiber Technicians so that the issue may not arise. Fiber cables are made of glass, unlike normal electric cables which can be damaged if bent and needs to be handled with care.

Certain charges are applied for the relocation of devices. Charges vary accordingly to the use of Fiber Cable. If no new fiber cable is required the charge for relocation devices is Rs. 500 +VAT. If a new fiber cable is used, which is the case for relocation in a different location, the relocation charges are Rs. 500 + VAT and Rs. 8 per meter of fiber. [CAT6 is available at Rs. 30 per meter.]

We request customers to inform us at least 7 days before relocating to a new location.

When moving to a new location, your Fiber cable used in your previous location cannot be transferred to the new location as Fiber Cable is brittle as it is made of glass, hence it cannot be re-rolled.

You can get the support from Classic Tech app by creating a support ticket from the app.

You need to go to the homepage; there you can see the support option where you can see the options like an open ticket, email, and call.

  1. Open Ticket: There you can report a problem by selecting problem types like Technical, Other general queries, Account and Billing and Care. All you need to choose your issue as the problem type mentioned above and describe the issue and create a ticket.
  2. Open Ticket from customer web page portal also.
  3. Email: You can create email support by mailing at
  4. Call: You can make a call at 9801006633 or 9802922304
  5. You can also contact us at the Troll Free number: 16600150999

It is a Supplement Router that is placed on top of the Primary ONU provided by ISP. It can be generally used to extend the range of wifi and also be used as a wireless repeater.

DSL, as well as ADSL Routers, can utilize as a secondary connection. Secondary Routers can usually connect through Cat6 Cables also, Wireless through Primary ONU provided by ISP.

It’s not mandatory to add a Secondary Router; it can be used for extended range and as a repeater.

It depends on how many users are connected to the respective Router. If users from the secondary router consume More bandwidth, then it will affect the primary one.

Dual-band ONU Provides 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band wireless signals which support the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless network. Dual-band wifi belongs to the fifth generation Wi-Fi transmission technology (5GWi-Fi).
The dual-band WiFi refers to the wireless signal that supports two different bands at the same time. These two bands are 2.4 and 5 G respectively.

   At present, most wireless products adopt single-frequency 2.4G WiFi wireless transmission, such as a wireless mouse, keyboard, USB wireless network card, ordinary wireless router, and so on. Only high-end smart devices support dual-band WiFi technology, such as "some ONU, some mobile phones, tablets, high-end wireless routers" and so on.

The 2.4G band signal has relatively good penetration and a relatively long coverage distance. But there are too many devices with 2.4G. At present, in the family environment, the average number of 2.4GAPs (Wireless Access Point) that a family can search around has exceeded 5. The environment of 2.4G is becoming more and more noisy and disturbing.

 Why is 5G WiFi more stable and faster than 2.4G wifi? The 2.4G only provides three channels signal which does not interfere with each other. 5G can provide 22 channels signals. On another point, there are only a few devices with 5G wifi signals. So, 5G channels are clean and faster. In the case of transmitting the same amount of data, 5G will save electricity and have a better user experience.

Dual-band wifi ONU can support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency at the same time. Dual-band wifi ONU has both advantages of 2.4G and 5G, which not only provide good penetration and relatively long coverage distance 2.4G wifi signal but also provide clean and much faster 5G wifi signal.

If the Package is above 100 Mbps we suggest you use dual-band ONU because single band 2.4Ghz ONU accepts only up to 100-125 Mbps speed. And also, for better performance of the internet such as uninterrupted Video calling, Online classes, Online Gaming, etc.

Your gadgets must support Wireless 802.11 ac. But Dual-band provides 2.4Ghz also so that you can connect to it.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities. Most prominently, it translates easily memorized domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating computer services and devices worldwide. The Domain Name System is an essential component of the functionality of the Internet.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

  1. GoTo Wifi setting long tap or click to i button of Connected wifi host
  2. Click advance then set your Ip to manual/static.
  3. Change DNS 1 to
    Change DNS 2 to

These are areas within your home where you can receive strong WiFi signals. That means being able to do these with ease: surf the internet, stream music and movies, make video calls, and play online games.

Simply connect to your wireless network, walk around your home, and pay attention to the WiFi signal indicator  on your mobile device. The stronger the WiFi signal, the sweeter the spot.

Yes, they do exist. You may experience coverage limitations due to the layout of your home and other factors illustrated below. If the WiFi signal drops significantly when you’re in a specific area, you may have found a WiFi dead zone—where WiFi connection is weak or unavailable.

  1. Distance from router
    The farther you are from the router, the weaker will be the signal.
  2. Physical barriers and obstacles
    Solid objects such as concrete walls, doors, and furniture pieces force WiFi signals to travel around them
  3. Nearby WiFi networks
    Your neighbors’ Wifi networks can cause congestion and affect the performance and range of your wifi connection

An Internet speed test (also known as a broadband speed test) is a measure of the rate at which data is downloaded and uploaded.

Yes, you can test speed from ClassicTech App

  1. First Go to More option
  2. then click to Speed tesT.
  3. you can click Go option and
  4. the result will be there

  1. Make sure your server must select to ClassicTech.
  2. Test your internet speed with a single user.

Of course, a Direct Wired connection will be more reliable because there might be maximum interference through a wireless connection.