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The service provided by Classic Tech will allow education institution to connect with their processes like online library, online teaching and also enable institution and students to connect more easily that helps educational institution to provide more advanced education and students’ learning experience.

With our service enabled institutions feel education more simple and moreover they can deploy online classes and online learning module with an ease to provide students higher degree of learning exposure as morden universites around the world do. Classic Tech network solution allows information sharing like never before.

Internet Services
Classic Tech offers the Internet Connectivity services through Optical Fiber Cable or Wireless Device/Microwave Radio Modems. We deploy this service both as primary and backup module. We have clear view of requirements of customer and have designed flexible packages to meet the customers need.

Intranet Services
Classic Tech offers Intranet/VPN/WAN connectivity and services via Fiber Optics Cable or Wireless Radio Modems (or both). Enterprise applications and IT system requirements today are highly-sensitive to the performance of the network services over which they run. Because switched Ethernet is less process-intensive than routed IP, Ethernet-based networks offer a significant latency advantage over layer 3 networks. This is the fact why Classic Tech network is ideal for the applications that is critical to latency.

Managed Services
Classic Tech takes full responsibility of the network till the CPE (Customer Premise Device) at customers site. With the deployment of the procedure on our network our NOC (Network Operation Center) monitors and gains complete visibility and support and maintains the quality of service provided to the customers. Classic Tech owns, deploys, bulilds, manages and monitors the service and updates the core system periodically to make service to be operated in greater quality and reliability.

The service is monitored 24*7 by our NOC team based at Kathmandu.Since customer satisfaction is our first priority we have put into effect to be a better service provider using the latest technology under supervision of its excellently experienced engineers serving our large number of customers. We are constantly developing our team to generate innovative packages and provide new and affordable product and service to our valuable customers creating even more compelling arguments for our existence.

Classic Tech also offers an easy-to-use customer MRTG through which customers can:

? Measure and monitor service utilization

? Monitor Classic Tech’s network performance.