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In context to Government organizations and its agencies in Nepal, these segment has been facing tremendous challenges in providing good quality service to public and maintain their effective communication within the Nation. The vital role of these agencies is to increase public safety, improve the standard of living, communicate citizens and publics and spread awareness and implement of the functions, rules and regulation throughout the Nation while minimising cost and greater quality output.

Classic Tech Provides a variety of services and solution to the government organizations. Realising the role of effectiveness and efficiency of the service provided and the impact Classic Tech provides secure and cost effective network solution deploying flexible Layer-2 Ethernet services, connects local area networks (LANs) within a metro or between cities using bandwidths ranging from 128/128 Kbps to 100/100Mbps. The service and solution that we provide will support to reduce the operating data communication cost of the organization.

Reliable Secure and Flexible
By deploying policy-based VLAN and provisionng over the customer’s ports we make the connection highly secure. The path through which the highly critical datas are transmitted through the network is fully protected and they are inaccessible through any other mediums or trransits except the intended sending and recieving points. Classic Tech provides the scale of 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps transits through its network. The bandwidth demand is flexible as per the need of the customers.

Classic Tech MPLS can support class of service (CoS) options and Q-in-Q/VLAN stacking. Enterprises have full option to choose their connectivity options like point to point, point to multi point and fully meshed as customers requires.