SMS Queries - Classic Tech
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(Send SMS to 34001)

1) Expiry date:

CT expiry <client-ID/client-username>

2) User Id :

CT username 9841XXXXXX

3) Account Status:

CT status <client-ID/client-username>

4) Support:

Type CT support <client-ID/client-username> “message”

(Message must be Double Quoted:“”, and this will create ticket on OTRS)

5) Contacts: 

Type CT contacts and send it to 34001

(To get contact detail of classic tech i.e. phone number of Marketing, support)


6) Status (active/block): 

CT STATUS <username>


7) pppoe password:

CT PASSWORD <username>

(condition mobile number should be registered with CT)


7) Support page password:

         Type CT PORTAL <username>