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Slow Internet? Effective Ways to Get Rid off


Do these things, your Internet Speed will be faster than before. The most common searches of every internet user: My internet is slow, I am having high ping, buffering while watching videos, how to do for getting low ping?, Best Wi-Fi settings, Best router for gaming.

Router Placement

Did you know that the location of the router in your home affects its speed performance? The wireless signals spread through the air, just like sounds are transmitted while talking. The signal is stronger at closer distances. Placing your router in the center of your home reduces wasted coverage area and eliminates the unnecessary distance between any connected devices.

Connect to ethernet/LAN cable

Using an Ethernet cable to connect your internet to your regular PC/laptop or any other Wi-Fi device will give you maximum bandwidth. With an Ethernet cable, there is no network interruption to the Internet. As a result, download and upload speeds are faster than expected. To play online PC games smoothly without lags, high pings, or timeouts, you must use an Ethernet /LAN cable.

Don’t share Wi-Fi Password

It is common practice to share Wi-Fi passwords with neighbors or relatives. Suppose, you have a 100 Mbps package and 4 people are already connected, then each person will get 25 Mbps. (4×25=100). The more you share the password with your relatives or neighbors, the slower the speed will be. In the past, your internet was very slow and unusable. Avoid sharing your password with others.

Use Mac filtering

MAC filtering restricts or removes unknown devices and unused devices by filtering them.
Classic Tech users have white filtering access within the Classic Tech app. The white filtering allows users to only add devices to the list that they want to grant access to. Those devices that are not included in Mac filtering won’t be able to access the internet even if they receive a password.

Upgrade current Router

Router plays a vital role in high-speed internet. A lot of devices will use the same 2.4-GHz wireless band that your router does which create interference. Upgrading your router to 5 GHz, create a vast difference in performance and speed of the internet. There will be no 2.4 GHz signal interference anymore. Bandwidth on 2.4GHz is 574 Mbps and Bandwidth on 5GHz is 2.4 Gbps

Use Mesh Wi-Fi for long coverage

Specifically mid-size and large homes that have suffered from weak or incomplete Wi-Fi coverage. A Mesh Wi-Fi system will give you full signal coverage on every side. Classic Tech provides a Wi-Fi mesh system according to the customer’s request. Mesh Wi-Fi is built for all types of homes.

Package Upgrade

Most everyone has no idea how many Mbps to choose. Divide the number of devices in your family by the speed plan you are considering. if you have a family of four using only one device at a time, a plan of around 225 Mbps (225/5 = 45) is best. Your need for internet speed depends on your usage. If you have multiple devices online at the same time, you need a faster subscription. Classic Tech offers various packages from 225Mbps up to 1 Gbps as per customer need. Read About FestiBall Offer 2022.

Verify Your Desired Site

Before complaining about slow internet to your ISP make sure to check the website whether it’s national or international traffic. If your desired website has a CDN server hosted nationally then the latency speed of it will be 10 microseconds and if your website is hosted internationally then it has a latency speed of 100 microseconds by default. Classic Tech has CDN servers of YouTube, Facebook, Google, Akamai, Viber, TikTok, etc. That’s why Classic Tech user doesn’t have to worry while watching content.

Get Help from Your ISP

If you do all the above things but there is still the same problem or no change in internet speed. Then contact your ISP for the proper solution. Classic Tech will get immediate support from our technical team. All users have to do is just create a support ticket from the Classic Tech App or now Classic Tech users can create a support ticket from the website as well. Just go through the Link: