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Ashar Month Offer 5GHz Dual Band ONU, Upto 30%Discount& 3 months Bonus

Classic Tech provides a range of affordable internet packages that are specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by ongoing inflation. We provide you with 3months bonus , up to 30%discount and dual band ONU for better and fast internet experience. With a wide reach across 74 districts through over 100 outlets, Classic Tech aims to provide accessible and cost-effective internet solutions to customers across the country.

One of the standout offerings from Classic Tech is the Tachyon-325 recharge package. With this package, customers receive a remarkable three-month bonus, along with a generous 20% discount and an additional 5GHz ONU for a one-year recharge. This offer ensures that customers can enjoy uninterrupted internet access while saving money in the long run.

For those with higher data requirements, the Tachyon-400 recharge package is an excellent choice. By opting for this package, customers receive four months of internet Bonus, a significant 25% discount, and an extra 5GHz ONU for a one-year recharge. This plan caters to heavy internet users, providing them with ample data at an affordable price.

Tachyon-625 recharge package is an excellent choice. By opting for this package, customers receive three months of internet Bonus, a significant 30% discount, and an extra 5GHz ONU for a one-year recharge. This plan caters to heavy internet users, providing them with ample data at an affordable price.

To further enhance the internet experience, Classic Tech emphasizes the need for dual-band Optical Network Units (ONUs). Dual-band ONUs provides better network performance and stability by operating on two separate frequency bands. This technology allows for simultaneous transmission of data on different bands, resulting in improved internet speeds and reduced latency. By adopting dual-band ONUs, customers can optimize their internet connectivity and enjoy a seamless online experience.

Classic Tech understands that slow internet speeds can be frustrating and hinder productivity. Often, this can be attributed to the limitations of single-band routers. Single-band routers operate on a single frequency band, which can cause congestion and slower data transfer rates. By upgrading to dual-band routers, customers can overcome this issue and enjoy faster internet speeds, especially when multiple devices are connected simultaneously.

In addition to providing reliable and high-speed internet, Classic Tech stands out for its commitment to offering low-price packages and plans. With the goal of making internet access accessible to all, Classic Tech ensures that their pricing remains competitive, even in the face of inflation. By providing affordable options, Classic Tech aims to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals and businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

In addition to the convenience of their extensive network of outlets, Classic Tech offers customers the flexibility to recharge their internet packages through their mobile application. With the Classic Tech mobile app, customers can easily manage their internet subscriptions, check their data usage, and recharge their packages with just a few taps on their smart phones.

The mobile application provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to navigate through different package options and select the one that suits their requirements. By offering a seamless and hassle-free recharge process, Classic Tech ensures that customers can easily stay connected without any interruptions.

Furthermore, the Classic Tech mobile app provides real-time updates on data consumption, enabling users to monitor their usage and make informed decisions about their internet usage patterns. This feature helps customers stay within their data limits and avoid unexpected overage charges.

With the convenience of recharging through the mobile application, customers can enjoy the flexibility of managing their internet packages anytime and anywhere. Whether they are at home, at work, or on the go, they can effortlessly recharge their packages and continue to stay connected with their online activities.

Classic Tech’s commitment to providing a user-friendly mobile application reflects their dedication to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring that accessing affordable internet services is as convenient as possible. By embracing technology and offering a digital platform for recharges, Classic Tech demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

The Classic Tech mobile application offers customers the convenience of recharging their internet packages with ease. Through the user-friendly interface of the app, customers can select and recharge their desired packages, monitor their data usage, and stay connected to the online world. By embracing digital solutions, Classic Tech continues to provide accessible and affordable internet services while adapting to the changing needs of their customers.

In conclusion, Classic Tech’s affordable internet packages are designed to tackle ongoing inflation while reaching customers across 74 districts through their extensive network of over 100 outlets. With offerings such as the Tachyon-325 and Tachyon-400 , Tachyon-625 recharge packages. By promoting the use of dual-band ONUs and addressing the limitations of single-band routers, Classic Tech ensures that customers can experience fast and reliable internet connectivity. With their low-price packages and plans, Classic Tech aims to make internet access affordable for everyone, fostering digital inclusion and empowering individuals and businesses in the digital era.

Answering FAQ:

1. Why is my internet slow?

There can be several reasons why your internet connection may be slow. Here are some common factors that can contribute to slow internet speeds:

a) Network Congestion: During peak hours when many users are online, network congestion can occur, leading to slower speeds. This is more common in densely populated areas or shared network environments.

b) Distance from the Network Source: The farther you are from the network source or the internet service provider’s infrastructure, the weaker your signal strength may be, resulting in slower speeds.

c) Outdated Equipment: Using outdated or incompatible modems, routers, or network adapters can limit your internet speeds. Ensure that your equipment supports the speed capabilities provided by your internet service. Install 5GHz dual band ONU to solve this issue.

d) Wi-Fi Interference: Interference from other electronic devices, neighboring Wi-Fi networks, or physical obstructions can degrade your Wi-Fi signal, leading to slower speeds.

e) Malware or Viruses: Malicious software or viruses on your devices can consume your internet bandwidth and slow down your connection. Regularly scan your devices for malware and keep your antivirus software up to date.

f) Plan Limitations: Check if you have reached your monthly data cap or if you are subscribed to a plan with slower speeds during peak usage times. Upgrading your plan may be necessary for faster speeds.

If you are experiencing consistently slow internet speeds, it is advisable to contact your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance. They can help diagnose and address any issues specific to your connection.

2. Why use Dual Band ONU?

Using a Dual Band Optical Network Unit (ONU) offers several advantages for your internet connection:

a) Improved Network Performance: A Dual Band ONU operates on two separate frequency bands, typically 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This allows for better utilization of available bandwidth and reduced interference, resulting in improved network performance and faster internet speeds.

b) Simultaneous Connections: Dual Band ONUs support simultaneous connections on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This means you can connect more devices to your network without experiencing congestion or a significant drop in speed.

i) How do I get 5GHz dual band ONU?

By recharging annual Tachyon Package

3. Why is a secondary router used?

A secondary router, also known as a Wi-Fi extender or a range extender, is used to extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network. Here are a few reasons why a secondary router may be used:

a) Expanded Coverage: In larger homes or offices, a single router may not be sufficient to provide Wi-Fi coverage in all areas. A secondary router can be strategically placed to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal, ensuring that devices in distant rooms or floors can connect to the network.

b) Overcoming Physical Obstacles: Thick walls, multiple floors, or other physical obstructions can weaken the Wi-Fi signal. A secondary router placed strategically can help overcome these obstacles and provide a stronger signal to areas that would otherwise have weak or no connectivity.

c) Handling High Network Traffic: In environments with many devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, a single router may struggle to handle the high network traffic. Adding a secondary router helps distribute the load and improve network performance, ensuring a smoother and more stable connection for all devices.

d) Creating Separate Networks: Some users may prefer to have separate networks for different purposes, such as separating personal and work devices or setting up a guest network. A secondary router can be used to create these separate networks, allowing for better network management and enhanced security.

It’s important to note that when setting up a secondary router, it should be properly configured to work in conjunction with the primary router to avoid conflicts or interference.

4. How much does it cost to install a Dual Band ONU?

The estimated cost for installing a Dual Band ONU is Rs. 3850.

5. How long does it take to process?

The processing time for installing a Dual Band ONU or any internet service can vary based on several factors, including availability of equipment, and technical requirements. However, as provided in the answer, the estimated processing time for installing a Dual Band ONU is 5-7 working days.

During this time, the service provider will typically coordinate with you to schedule the installation appointment and ensure that all necessary arrangements are made. It is advisable to contact your Branch office directly to get precise information about the processing time for installing a Dual Band ONU in your specific location.