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Corporate Structure: Role of Human Resource(HR)

The term “corporate structure” describes how different parts of an organization are arranged such as its departments, hierarchy, and decision-making procedures. Corporate structure refers to how the company is organized. A corporate structure comprises various departments that contribute to the company’s overall mission and goals.

Corporate forms are very diverse, ranging from single companies to multi-corporate combinations. Some types of Corporate structures are functional, divisional, flat, and matrix.

An organization’s corporate structure is crucial because it provides the framework and clear guidelines necessary for it to function. For employees to contribute to guiding the business toward its goal, they must be able to comprehend their positions within an organization.

Types of Corporate Structure:

Here are four types of corporate structures explained in simple terms. The organizational structure covers mainly 4 types of corporate structure they are functional, divisional, flat, and matrix.

Functional Structure:

? How it works: Employees are grouped based on their specific skills or functions, like marketing, finance, or operations.

? Pros: Efficient task performance within specialized teams.

? Cons: Communication challenges across different functions.

Divisional Structure:

? How it works: The company is divided into units based on products, services, or geographic locations.

? Pros: Each unit operates somewhat independently, providing flexibility.

? Cons: Possibility of duplicated functions across different units.

Flat Structure:

? How it works: There are few or no middle management levels; employees have direct communication with executives.

? Pros: Quick decision-making, and open communication.

? Cons: Limited career advancement paths, potential for overloaded executives.

Matrix Structure:

? How it works: Employees report to both a functional manager (e.g., marketing) and a project or product manager.

? Pros: Flexibility and expertise from both functional and project perspectives.

? Cons: Potential for power struggles and increased complexity.

For the smooth operation of the organization, the corporate structure forms different departments which include Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Human Resources, and IT.

Role of Human Resources (HR) :

The role of Human Resources (HR) is pivotal in the context of corporate structure. HR plays a remarkable part in various aspects related to the organization’s people, culture, and overall behavior.

Human Resources manages duties such as talent acquisition and recruitment, performance management and employee benefits, training and development, compliance, workplace safety, reward, and recognition, and many more. An HR department can help provide organizational structure and the ability to meet company goals by effectively managing the employee lifecycle.

Adding up, corporate structure and the role of HR in the corporate world are both interconnected to each other. This blog will help you to navigate a closer look at the corporate structure and role of human resource management (HR) of Nepal’s leading and pioneer internet and network service provider Classic Tech.

Classic Tech at a glance:

Since its founding in 2009, Classic Tech has been the leading internet service provider(ISP) in Nepal. Classic Tech has over 106 branches all over Nepal and is available in 74 districts in Nepal. The company has employed more than 1500+ staff all over Nepal. Having its internal Human resource management to hire desired candidates for their organization.

Classic Tech has been the top choice for job seekers, known for its desired and rewarding working environment. The corporate structure is formed with different departments like Sales and Marketing, Administration and Finance, Human Resources(HR), Fiber and Operation, Customer Service, and many more. Each department comes together to meet company goals.

Here at Classic Tech, the company respects and give equal chance to their employees for their personal and professional growth. Likewise, HR does overall performance analysis and provides rewards and recognition to their employees. HR has the main role in the recruitment process, retention, talent management, employee benefits, training and development, and many more.

Classic Tech has rapidly expanded its presence to 106 outlets across 74 districts in Nepal, fostering connections and establishing a network that reaches every corner of the nation. The company’s network coverage spans both inside and outside the valley. Inside the valley, you can find branches and outlets in key locations such as Golfutar, Balaju, New Baneshwor, Lalitpur, Chapagaun, Pepsicola, Suryabinayak, Thankot, and more. Meanwhile, outside the valley, Classic Tech has a presence in cities like Biratnagar, Bhairahwa, Birgunj, Chitwan, Nepalgunj, Dharan, Itahari, Dewangunj, and many others.

Why choose Classic Tech?

Classic tech provides good care, work satisfaction, and career growth opportunities. The employee’s performance is analyzed and reviewed timely. Well-performing staff are appreciated with a pay rise, promotions, and various other facilities to keep them motivated.

However, not all employees perform equally well. For less productive employees, the company provides training and development programs to enhance their skills and increase their productivity. The company believes, that every employee is different and needs different motivation and care for better outcomes.

Available Departments at Classic Tech:

Classic Tech has a different operational and functional department that offers freshers and experienced individuals jobs based on its needs and vacancies. The HR team overall handles the hiring process.

The Sales and Marketing department has both indoor sales and outdoor sales. Indoor sales refer to the Central Sales team i.e. Call Center(CC), Digital Marketing whereas Outdoor sales refer to Area Sales representatives (ASR)i.e. Door to Door marketing(D2D).

The Fiber and Operation department deals with the overall fiber installation, troubleshooting, and expansion (T&E).

The Customer service department handles customer support and service, the company has both an on-call technical team as well as field staff. It provides 24/7, 365-day customer support to their customers.

The Corporate department looks into both internet and intranet services for enterprises and official usage. It is designed to support seamless online operations, collaboration, and customer engagement.

The Human Resources (HR) department overviews the overall hiring and recruitment process. HR does overall performance analysis and provides rewards and recognition to their employees.

The Administration and Finance department manages various administrative functions and financial activities. This can include tasks such as budgeting, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, procurement, and overall organizational management.

Classic Tech has other departments that overview and provide jobs in Nepal to jobseekers. Each department comes together to meet company goals.

Join Classic Tech:

Classic Tech as a leading internet service provider(ISP) in Nepal has been opening job vacancies in Nepal at multiple positions and departments. Classic Tech has 106 branches and 74 districts both inside and outside Kathmandu Valley. The company announces job vacancies through its website., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Job portals, etc.

Classic Tech is currently hiring for various positions across its branches and outlets, both inside and outside the valley. Job opportunities are available in core locations inside the valley, including Jobs in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Banepa, Kirtipur, Chapagaun, and more. For those seeking opportunities outside the valley, the company is offering Jobs in Biratnagar, Hetauda, Bhairahwa, Chitwan, Pokhara, Birgunj, Dharan and other locations.

For the latest updates on job vacancies and to explore opportunities, please visit the official Classic Tech website.. They regularly update their vacancy listings to provide the most current information for prospective applicants.

Hereby you can join a dynamic team and experience the pragmatic workforce environment. You can apply to various positions, as shown on the website. To apply you can visit the website or send your CV/ resume to