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Fastest Internet In Nepal: 2 Gbps Internet Now Available



Just imagine having victory over every match in your favorite online game with lag-free, downloading heavy files and movies in seconds, and streaming buffer-free 4k video content. All this is now possible in Nepal with the introduction of up to 2 Gbps of internet by Classic Tech, the best  internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal. Heavy internet users, households with several connections, gamers, and anyone working on creative projects and high-definition streaming will all find this bundle to be ideal. However, why should you consider upgrading to this high-speed internet internet service?

The fastest Internet in Nepal Provides you:

1) Upto 2Gbps Speed

This package will have a download and upload speed of up to 2 Gbps, the fastest internet in Nepal which means customers can enjoy buffer-free streaming, low ping online gaming, and huge file transfers in minutes. The company also provides other internet packages starting from 125 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. Our pricing is crafted to be affordable for everyone.

2) 24/7 Technical Support

Enjoy round-the-clock customer support to address any queries or concerns promptly. The company is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your internet experience remains smooth and hassle-free.

3) Huawei Mesh System

Say goodbye to frustrating Wi-Fi dead zones! Classic Tech’s 2 Gbps internet plan includes a Huawei Mesh System. This clever technology acts like a network of mini routers, blanketing your entire home with a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal. No matter where you are in your house, you’ll enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection, perfect for streaming, browsing, and gaming.

4) ZTE 5GHz Dual Band Router

At the heart of this plan lies the cutting-edge ZTE 5GHz Dual Band Router. This router utilizes the latest 5GHz Wi-Fi technology to deliver unmatched performance and range. Experience faster data transfer speeds, reduced lag, and a more stable connection compared to traditional routers.

5) Classic Tech Mobile App

The Classic Tech Mobile App provides convenient access to your Classic Tech account, allowing you to effortlessly renew internet packages and check speeds directly from your mobile device. All your internet-related settings are now conveniently at your fingertips. Manage your account, view usage statistics, and troubleshoot any issues conveniently through the app.

6) Expert Installation & Placement

Merely having high-speed internet isn’t enough; optimal router placement is crucial for enhanced Wi-Fi coverage and performance. Classic Tech’s expert installation and placement service guarantees seamless coverage throughout your home. Our skilled technicians assess your residence, ensuring proper placement of routers and the Huawei Mesh system for maximum speed and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Beyond Speed Additional Benefits:

This plan goes beyond just raw speed and offers several additional advantages:

Optimized for Online Gaming:

Dominate the competition with this plan, optimized for online gaming. Experience faster speeds and rock-bottom ping of around 40ms in popular games like PUBG, GTA 5, Mobile Legends, Valorant, Free Fire, Fortnite, and more. Say goodbye to lag, stuttering, and disconnects, and unleash your true gaming potential. Clutch those victory royales, frag out with precision, and lead your squad to glory – all on a connection built for champions.

Buffer-Free Streaming on Your Favorite OTT Platforms:

At Classic Tech, you got the covered with dedicated CDN servers tailored for popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube etc. With high internet speeds of up to 2 Gbps and our in-house CDN servers, customers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming in stunning 4K resolution without the hassle of buffering or quality degradation.

Invest in the Future

2 Gbps internet is not just about speed; it’s an investment in the future. Whether you are a gamer, a professional relying on high-bandwidth applications, or a family streaming movies and playing games online, this plan offers a future-proof solution that can meet your ever-growing internet needs.

Pricing and Availability

While the exact pricing for the 2 Gbps internet plan is not yet available, you can register your interest on the Classic Tech website to be notified as soon as it’s launched. This will ensure you’re among the first to experience the lightning-fast speeds and advanced features of this revolutionary internet package.

Other Affordable Residental Plans

Classic Tech, understands that every household has unique internet needs. That’s why the company offers a diverse range of internet packages starting from 125 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 300 Mbps, ensuring there is a plan perfect for you. Our pricing is designed with your affordability in mind, without compromising on the quality of service. Experience maximum value and exceptional service with Classic Tech – your gateway to seamless connectivity at unbeatable prices!

Tachyon Packages 12 Months Per Months
125 Mbps Rs. 8,400 Rs. 700 BOOK NOW
200 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.13,455 Rs. 1,120 BOOK NOW
300 Mbps (1 IPTV) Rs.15,855 Rs. 1,320 BOOK NOW