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Nowadays in context to hospitality service providers such as hotels and resorts, internet access is considered as one of the important factor. High -Speed Internet access is considered as vital communication by hotel guests, visitors and convention planners.The question is not “if your hotel should provide high-speed Internet access, but how to do it in a cost effective and profitable manner. Calssic Tech offers end to end Internet infastructure solutions tailored to meet the needs of the hospitability market , providing your hotel with a new source of revenue and different oppertunity.

Internet Services
Classic Tech offers the Internet Connectivity services through Optical Fiber Cable or Wireless Device/Microwave Radio Modems. We deploy this service both as primary and backup module. We have clear view of requirements of customer and have designed flexible packages to meet the customers need.

Intranet Services
Classic Tech offers Intranet/VPN/WAN connectivity and services via Fiber Optics Cable or Wireless Radio Modems (or both). Enterprise applications and IT system requirements today are highly-sensitive to the performance of the network services over which they run. Because switched Ethernet is less process-intensive than routed IP, Ethernet-based networks offer a significant latency advantage over layer 3 networks. This is the fact why Classic Tech network is ideal for the applications that is critical to latency.

Reliable Secure and Flexible
By deploying policy-based VLAN and provisionng over the customer’s ports we make the connection highly secure. The path through which the highly critical datas are transmitted through the network is fully protected and they are inaccessible through any other mediums or trransits except the intended sending and recieving points. Classic Tech provides the scale of 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps transits through its network. The bandwidth demand is flexible as per the need of the customers.

Classic Tech MPLS can support class of service (CoS) options and Q-in-Q/VLAN stacking. Enterprises have full option to choose their connectivity options like point to point, point to multi point and fully meshed as customers requires