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job in classictech nepal

Have you recently finished your +2 and looking for Job in Nepal to generate income? Then yes you have landed on the right page. Your mind must be full of curiosity about getting a job instead of wasting your time. After completing upper secondary education, students get the basic knowledge of various fields. After completing tertiary education, students can become financially independent. There are many beginner-level jobs available in various sectors for those who have finished their senior secondary education. These jobs can help you overcome your personal limitations or a desire to stand up for yourself. These jobs can give you an opportunity to experience the work environment and acquire a wide range of skills. If you are looking to explore the job market after graduating high school, then this blog is for you. We want to provide you with all the information about the various high-quality jobs available in Nepal.

Job Scenario in Nepal

Talking about the jobs in Nepal, many Nepalese youth are getting scam by different fraud organization. These fraud organizations give false hope to the Nepalese youth or student that they will get job 100% guaranteed. As of Kathmandu citizens you may see the many posters related to jobs on the electricity poles and the walls. They fake promised to give you a job. First, when you reach this type of fraud, an organization will ask you to pay money for the registration or security deposit amount to get the job etc. Just by looking at this type of situation you must identify the fraud. No organization will charge any amount for the job. Always verify the company before you go through their social media and on the internet.

Good Job!! You just learn and know how to verify the company for job in Nepal.

Find Your First Job at Classic Tech

Classic Tech is one of the best internet service providers (ISP) company in Nepal which provide internet and IPTV services all over Nepal. Classic Tech have employed more 1500 employees over Nepal. Company well known for giving opportunity to everyone without maintain discrimination. For the freshers like who have completed their intermediate level and are eager to learn and build a career, then the company fully supports them in every aspect. You must be 18+ and have citizenship.

If you have completed intermediate or 12 Class and looking for the job, you can apply for the following positions:

1. Customer Service Representative

A “Customer Service Representative ” involves handling customer inquiries, concerns, and helping with a primary focus on promoting and selling the company’s internet packages or plans. This position requires a combination of customer service skills, technical knowledge about the ISP’s products and services, and effective sales techniques.

2. Fiber Team Member

A “Fiber Team Member” is typically responsible for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fiber-optic network infrastructure. This role is essential in ensuring the reliable delivery of high-speed internet services to residential and business customers.

3. Area Sales Representative

An “Area Sales Representative” or Door to Door Sales Representative is tasked with selling products or services directly to potential customers by visiting their homes in certain areas. In the context of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company, this role involves promoting and selling internet services, packages, or upgrades. Responsibilities include engaging with residents, explaining the ISP’s offerings, addressing inquiries, and closing sales. Door-to-door sales representatives need strong interpersonal and communication skills, resilience, and a persuasive demeanor.

4. Fiber Rider

A “Fiber Team Member” is responsible for the installation, maintenance, or repair of fiber-optic networks. In this case, a Fiber Rider is responsible for physically riding along fiber-optic routes to inspect, maintain, or troubleshoot the network.

5. Front Desk Associate (Female)

A “Front Desk Associate (Female)” is responsible for managing the front office and providing customer-facing services. Their duties include welcoming walk-in clients, handling recharge transactions, facilitating plan upgrades, and assisting with sales-related inquiries. This role involves effective communication with clients, addressing their needs, processing transactions, and promoting sales post-services.

6. L1 Support Technical

An “L1 Support Technical” in an ISP company is primarily tasked with resolving internet-related issues for household customers. This role involves providing prompt and effective technical assistance, troubleshooting connectivity problems, guiding users through modem/router configurations, addressing concerns about internet speed and bandwidth, and ensuring a positive customer.

7. Retail Support Associate

A “Retail Support Associate” is responsible for proactively engaging with existing customers, focusing on tasks such as follow-ups for recharge, facilitating upgrades, and addressing customer issues. This role involves regular communication with customers to ensure timely and seamless recharge processes, providing information and assistance for plan upgrades, and effectively resolving any issues or concerns customers may encounter. The Retail Support Associate plays a vital role in maintaining customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and contributing to the overall success of the ISP by ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

8. And others required position company demanded

To build a comprehensive team in an ISP company, various positions may be required to meet diverse needs.

Final Sentence

If you are an intermediate pass-out and eager to begin your career and looking for job in Nepal, we have exciting entry-level positions available within our dynamic teams. Whether you are interested in customer service, technical support, sales, or other areas, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our growing company. Send your CV to explore opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to our dynamic work environment. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our team.