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WiFi Price In Nepal 2024 [Updated]


Did you know? Internet Usage Around the World and in Nepal:

Internet Usage in Global and Nepal:

As of April 2024, there were 5.44 billion internet druggies worldwide, which amounts to 67.1 percent of the global population There were 15.85 million internet druggies in Nepal in January 2023. Nepal’s internet penetration rate stood at 51.6 percent of the total population at the launch of 2023. As of July 2021,90.6 of the population has access to the Internet according to Nepal Telecommunications Authority( NTA).

The vast majority of internet users worldwide, and likely in Nepal as well, use mobile devices to access the internet at least some of the time. The Internet rate in Nepal is quite affordable compared to other countries. Whether you’re working remotely, streaming your favorite shows, or keeping in touch with loved ones, a fast, affordable internet connection keeps you connected to the world.

With the vision of providing affordable internet with reliable service, Classic Tech introduced home wifi plans. Classic Tech is well known leading Internet service provider company in Nepal also known as Best ISP in Nepal. The available Retail plans bandwidth are 125 Mbps, 200 Mbps,300 Mbps, and up to 2Gbps.

Major ISPs in Nepal: Classic Tech, Worldlink, Vianet, WiFi Nepal, CG net, Subisu, etc.

Internet Rate in Nepal [Latest]

Fiber internet prices in Nepal provided by Classic Tech under retail Broadband as per the package and time duration are as follows:

Months 125 Mbps (1 TV) 200 Mbps (1TV) 300 Mbps (1TV)
3 Months  N/A Rs. 3,963 Rs. 4,713 Book Now
12 Months Rs. 9,725 Rs. 13,466 Rs. 15,854 Book Now
24 Months N/A Rs. 19,469 Rs. 22,997 Book Now

(Mentioned Prices are exclusive of VAT. WiFi prices may differ within the period)

1. 125 Mbps Internet With IPTV

125 Mbps WiFi package! Dive into a world of seamless internet browsing, where every click propels you forward at optimized 125 Mbps speeds. It’s tailor-made for households buzzing with 2 to 3 users, ensuring everyone stays connected without missing a beat. It also comes with a ZTE 5G Dual-band router and options for the secondary Router, a smart installation as per the desire of the customers. The 125 Mbps at just Rs. 9,725 for 12 months with 1 IPTV is the best bargain for Internet price in Nepal.

2. 200 Mbps Internet With IPTV

Step into the realm of boundless connectivity with our Naba Barsa 25 Maina Dhukka Offer 200Mbps WiFi package! Whether your battlefield of choice is the adrenaline-pumping PUBG, the strategic mastery of Free Fire, the tactical prowess of CSGO, or myriad others awaiting your conquest, our package ensures uninterrupted immersion into the digital realm.

Tailored to accommodate the dynamic needs of modern households, our package is the quintessential solution for households boasting 4 to 5 users. The 3 month package comes at Rs. 3963, whereas the yearly subscription for the package comes to Rs.13,466 and 24 month package to Rs. 19,469.

3. 300 Mbps Internet With IPTV

300Mbps WiFi package 3-month package comes at Rs.4,713 whereas the yearly subscription for the package comes at Rs.15,854 and Rs.22,997 for 24 Months with 1 TV! Designed for households bustling with 7 to 9 users, this turbocharged internet plan promises unrivaled speed and reliability which requires heavy internet bandwidth, streaming in 4K, online gaming, and heavy online activities.

Gamers WiFi Pack Price in Nepal [Around 40 ms Ping]

For those who crave the ultimate gaming experience across a variety of popular titles, Classic Tech stands out as your go-to provider. Whether you are battling it out in PUBG Mobile, conquering the battlefield in Mobile Legends, outlasting opponents in Free Fire, strategizing in CS:GO, or exploring the vast world of GTA Online, Classic Tech ensures optimal performance with an impressive 40 ms ping.

Classic Tech robust network is crafted to support all major games, providing a smooth and responsive gaming environment. With low latency and high-speed connectivity, you will experience minimal lag and maximum enjoyment, no matter your game of choice.

If you are passionate about gaming in Nepal to achieve something for real then you should have the Classic Tech 200 and 300 Mbps internet with game optimized package. What are the things that matter in this gaming package?

Why choose Classic Tech for the Best [ISP Internet Price in Nepal 2024]?

One of the standout features of Classic Tech is competitive pricing. Offering plans that fit every budget without compromising on quality. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a large family, you will find a plan that works for you. Here are Value Added Services:

Wifi Price in Nepal: Receive Heavy Discounts on New Installation and Bonuses

The prices of WiFi packages can be reduced more by the heavy discounts available. For applying discount terms and conditions are applied. If user wants to receive extra months of bonus then Classic Tech provides 1-1 month bonus for both the referee and referrer. So what are you waiting for? Just refer your friends and family to enjoy high speed internet.


Classic Tech stands out as a leading internet service provider in Nepal, offering a range of packages that cater to various user needs at competitive prices. Their comprehensive services, advanced router options, and value-added features make them a preferred choice for reliable and high-speed internet in Nepal.
For a seamless and enhanced internet experience, explore Classic Tech’s offerings and find the package that best suits your requirements.